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  • General Meeting Online: THRIVE!! How to Move Beyond Survival in COVID-19

General Meeting Online: THRIVE!! How to Move Beyond Survival in COVID-19

  • November 10, 2020
  • 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
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 General Meeting Online: THRIVE!! How to Move Beyond Survival in COVID-19

Photo by Doran Erickson on Unsplash

Most of us, when confronted with something we call a problem or a mistake experience a response as if we are under attack. When that happens an irrepressible and automatic reaction occurs that drives us to either attack back or defend, avoid and evade. This greatly diminishes our capacity to perform well and create value – in both our personal lives as well as our work – just when we need it most.

In this seminar, we will discuss taking a different perspective on problems and mistakes. When we adopt it, we set the mental/emotional foundation for us to move beyond surviving to thriving in whatever set of circumstances or actions we find ourselves. We thus shift our mode of operation from solve and survive to transform and thrive.

Learner Objectives:

You will learn about the Thrive Mindset:

  1. WHY it makes sense, yet is so hard to see. We will look inside that black box we call our inner world and understand the typical perspective more deeply, as well as why this new perspective works so well and how it is is both powerful and critical in the midst of COVID-19.
  2. HOW to build it into the way you live and work. We will learn tools for quickly and effectively making this shift in perspective.
    • The Cycle of Performance™ and it’s two critical tools
      • The Technology of Celebration™
      • The Alchemy of Success Question™
  3. WHAT becomes possible for you when you do. We will take a look at 3 areas of professional life that can be made remarkably better only because of COVID-19
• The Business of Your Career™
• Building Social Capital™
• The Geometry of Leadership™

ATD Capability Model
 - Performance Improvement, Coaching

To learn more about this model see: https://tdcapability.org/#/

About the Speaker

Kim Sawyer — Executive & Enterprise Coach at theWealthSource, LLC

Kim Sawyer has over twenty years of diverse business
experience; he has started businesses, led companies,
and been involved in almost every aspect of a
business enterprise.

Under Kim’s guidance, theWealthSource® coaches
and facilitates key business people, teams and
enterprises to create extraordinary wealth – in all
its forms. They accomplish this primarily by means of individual coaching, their Success-Group™ team coaching program and Enterprise Coaching™, their program to build a “Coaching Culture” in an organization. In addition, theWealthSource® facilitates meetings, management retreats and learning events and provides specialty training in coaching and leadership skills.

Kim is also a highly sought-after professional speaker who speaks frequently to companies and industry organizations across the country. Kim’s professional mission is to integrate the development of emotional, relational and business competencies to enhance bottom line performance. To achieve his mission, he has created a diverse set of proprietary tools for responding to often daunting challenges and changes.

Kim is known for challenging and guiding people to consider new perspectives, alternate ways of thinking and innovative actions. He coaches from the larger context of the client system, integrating considerations of the team and organization and engaging team members and chain of command in the process and successful outcome of the coaching.

In the first phase of his career, Kim founded, served for ten years as the C.E.O. of, and in 1998 profitably sold his company, Muscles for Hire, L.L.C., a commercial and residential specialty service provider. In 2000, Kim took that expertise in leadership, professional and business effectiveness and entrepreneurship, and founded theWealthSource®, an executive and enterprise coaching firm.

Kim holds a BBA in Entrepreneurship from the University of Houston and an MS in Organizational Development from the University of Texas. He is an ICF Certified Coach and Certified Birkman Consultant. He has been published and interviewed in the Houston Chronicle and other news publications, appeared on CNN Business Radio.

Kim has a keen interest in philosophy, spirituality, poetry, science, and technology. He has traveled broadly and served his country in the US Army. Kim resides in Houston, TX with his True Love, awesome young son, and two cuddly pit bulls - a wonderful family whom he loves deeply.

A representative sample of Kim’s clients include: Continental Airlines, JP Morgan Chase Bank, British Broadcasting Corporation, IBM; Chevron, Trans-Ocean; AET Tankers, Spectra Energy, Winstead, Sechrest and Minick Law Firm, Rice University’s Jones School of Business, The City of Lake Jackson, Texas, The Council on Alcohol and Drugs – Houston and numerous regional entrepreneurs.

Visit Kim's LinkedIn profile by clicking below:
 Kim Sawyer's LinkedIn  Enterprise Coaching Group's LinkedIn


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