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    • August 22, 2019
    • 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
    • Questback, 1330 Lake Robbins Dr. Suite 430 The Woodlands, Texas 77380 United States
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    According to TD.org article, “8 Ways to Add Purpose to Your Next Meeting,” when meetings draw employees away from day-to-day tasks but fail to reach their intended outcome, it has huge costs to the organization. All too often, this happens because meetings lack purpose or are simply boring.

    Fact: The forgetting curve shows that participants forget almost 70 percent of the information they were taught in this classroom-style training just one day later.

    Put those two facts together, and that’s a tough ROI to swallow, especially given the opportunity cost of lost revenue.

    So how can talent development leaders breathe new life into their training and keep it from being mundane and boring? Simply put, talent development leaders need to Get Drastic and create a fresh experience for their participants.

    In the seminar, Your Training MUST Be D.R.A.S.T.I.C.! Participants will learn how to drastically revamp their training strategies, so that your participants are excited, engaged and ready to execute!

    Participants will learn:

    • The definition of D.R.A.S.T.I.C. as it applies to training and why you as the trainer must get drastic!
    • Tips and tricks to engage your audience and have them wanting more.
    • How to breathe new life into your training so that even you are excited to deliver it.

    At the end of this sessions, participants will:

    • Breathe new life into their training and create a drastically different experience for their audience.
    • Implement new tools that will “Wow” your participants and have them wanting more.
    ATD Competency Model - Area of Expertise This Session Supports: Training Delivery

    Speaker: Toni Harris Taylor

    WHO IS TONI HARRIS TAYLOR AND WHAT DOES SHE KNOW? Toni Harris Taylor is a speaker, author, trainer and facilitator who helps her clients to implement training solutions that improve people, productivity, and profits one class at a time. The underlying theme to Toni’s programs is taking drastic steps to get results. FUN, HIGH ENERGY, DYNAMIC, PASSIONATE, and REALISTIC are just a few adjectives used to describe Toni's style. With over 27 years’ experience as an entrepreneur in corporate training, financial sales and business coaching, Toni helps organizations to grow and thrive through innovative, out-of-the box training solutions that create drastic results. Toni’s mission is to touch, move and inspire her audience to implement new strategies that help them to grow which in turn helps them to perform better. Toni is also a certified life and business coach and an authorized Everything DiSC partner where she helps organizations to create more productive teams and increase their sales. With a Masters degree in Adult Education and Training and a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Entrepreneurship Toni knows business.


    This event sponsored by:

    • September 26, 2019
    • 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
    • Strategic Ascent, 14701 Saint Mary's Lane Suite 125, (Ashford 5) Houston, Texas 77079 United States
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    How learners can enjoy connection and innovation across cultural and cognitive diversity in times of digital transformation

    Diversity drives innovation and innovation drives growth. Period! Cultural and Cognitive Diversity for Learning Leaders is an experience that shows you the powerful impact of diversity of culture and thought in the way that members of a team connect, learn, think, create, and take action to produce outstanding results. The audiences of both online and onsite talent development opportunities are becoming more diverse, challenging the learning designers and facilitators to be more aware of the cultural and cognitive clashes that can occur and how they can jeopardize the accomplishment of the learning objectives and the impact learning has on business goals.

    Digital and technological transformation is affecting the way we learn and the way we live. As learning leaders, we face not only the challenge of navigating across different cultures and thinking styles but also swimming in a whirlpool of digital disruptions and technological changes. Learn how to effectively manage the interactions in learning teams, growing your ability to design, facilitate, and lead experiences that engage learners from different cultural backgrounds and cognitive modalities, while humanizing digital and technological transformations.

    Grounded in theory, focused on practice, and designed using accelerated, cooperative, and experiential learning, this session will improve your practice as a talent development professional, engaging you from the very beginning and keeping you enjoying while you acquire and apply proven techniques to enhance your performance.

    Learner Objectives

    Why should I attend?

    • Discover an effective framework to enjoy connection and innovation across cultural and cognitive diversity to produce outstanding results
    • Gain knowledge about how learning leaders can avoid cultural and cognitive blockers
    • Grow your learning and meeting facilitation skills while humanizing digital and technological transformations
    Who should attend?

    This learning experience is for people strategy and talent development executives, business consultants, corporate university leaders, learning designers, and facilitators who want to enhance connection and innovation across cultural and cognitive diversity in times of digital transformation.

    What will you get as a takeaway?

    You will receive a special edition of an article written by the authors of this learning experience with practical ways to remember and apply the model, techniques, and tools. You will participate in a drawing to receive a 2-hour fees-free learning session conducted by the author, designer, and facilitator in your organization*.

    ATD Competency Model - Areas of Expertise This Session Supports: Performance Improvement, Training Delivery, Learning Technologies

    Speaker: Fernando Sanchez-Arias

    As a people strategy executive, author, advisor, and coach, Fernando has more than 20 years of experience leading, designing and facilitating learning experiences in cultural and cognitive diversity, digital leadership, cultural intelligence, innovation, learning, and national/organizational culture; for Fortune 100 companies, large national and multi-national enterprises, universities, chambers of commerce, and professional associations. He has built business alliances, conducted keynotes, and facilitated learning sessions and coaching interactions in more than 70 nations for more than 10,000 people from more than 100 countries.

    Currently serving as director and member of the leading corporate learning team of a major multibillionaire retailer, Fernando was part of the Work-based Learning Leadership Executive Program offered by the Wharton School and the Graduate School of Education of the University of Pennsylvania, where he obtained a Master of Science in Education and is currently writing his doctoral dissertation. He is a former board member of the Association of Talent Development (ATD) and a former world president of Junior Chamber International (JCI). Fernando is an internationally certified ontological executive coach by the Monterrey Institute of Technology (ITESM) and Newfield Consulting, and a Certified Cultural Intelligence Trainer by the Cultural Intelligence Center. He loves running, biking, and yoga.

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June 16, 2015 CANCELLED CTN Downtown: Talk is Cheap – Employee Attrition is Expensive
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April 15, 2015 CTN Galleria: Leading the Game of Business | 6 Steps to Creating a Leadership Development Program
March 19, 2015 CTN Woodlands: Designing and Delivering Effective Virtual Classes and Virtual Meetings
March 18, 2015 CTN Galleria: Global Leadership Forecast: Latest Research in Leadership Development
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March 17, 2015 CTN Southeast: Training the Brain: The Neuroscience of Learning and Its Implications for Training and Performance
February 19, 2015 CTN Woodlands: 2014 Lessons Learned
February 18, 2015 CTN Galleria: Leadership Energy
February 17, 2015 CTN Downtown: Designing and Delivering Effective Virtual Classes and Virtual Meetings
February 17, 2015 CTN Southeast: Migrating to Competency-Based Training
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January 20, 2015 CTN Downtown: What Millennial T&D students are learning
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January 15, 2015 CTN Woodlands: Aging, Learning & Training
December 18, 2014 CTN Woodlands
December 16, 2014 CTN Downtown: Decision Making - Applying the military process in the business world


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